May 25, 2010

Love, Norway (#72)

I'm in a knitting phase right now where I'm knitting each skein to the very last drop. Trying to knit through your entire yarn stash will do that to a girl, I guess. And seeing as I had plenty of yarn left over after London, I decided to simply keep on knitting with it for the Love, Norway hat.

I seem to be knitting hats that are just a tad bit too small for my own head lately, so clothesline shots is all I'm able to give unfortunately. Don't let it deter you from this gorgeous hat, however. Love, Norway is a wonder to behold, and one I'm hoping to knit again for a few gals I know as winter shows up in a few months.

 Specs: From Norway With Love by Pickles; knit using leftover wool and size 8 bamboo needles.

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