May 3, 2010

Pasha For Shauna

when i set myself on a mission, i tend to knit like the wind. such was the case when i offered to knit up a hat for my friend Shauna. although her book tour isn't for months, i knew if i didn't get to knitting quickly, i'd completely forget and she'd be hat-less! it didn't hurt that Shauna picked Pasha as the hat she wanted to own, either! i love Jane Richmond's hat patterns, and Pasha is no exception. it was off to the store for some turquoise yarn, as i didn't have any in my stash, and then lickety-split the hat came off the needles!

the perfect shade of turquoise (finally got it captured right!) coupled with a gorgeous pattern meant i whipped through the hat in record time. if she hasn't received it already, it will get there in the next day or two (i love priority shipping!), where it will be imbued with tons of memories she will be able to carry with her all fall as she tours around for her newest book Bittersweet.

hopefully she'll make it to Omaha, so i can see the hat on her and in action - you can bet i'll snap some photos if that happens! and if she makes it out your way, be sure to swing by and meet Shauna - she's one of the nicest people i've met, and i love her writing!

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