Jun 14, 2010

Birthday Rain

I am not someone who has tremendous luck. I have entered contests for years and cannot remember a single one I have won. When friends go to the casino to go gambling they purposely don’t invite me – if you even ride in the car with me on the way to a casino you will lose money!

So it comes as no surprise to me that birthday plans should be held loosely – especially when traveling is involved.

Saturday we packed up what we needed – wallets and sunscreen, mostly – and drove for three hours south to Kansas City to ride some roller coasters. We had tickets in our car {purchased ahead of time to get a much better deal} and had checked the weather report, which said sunny and mid-80’s for the entire day.
This is what it looked like when we rolled into town:

Sideways rain, lightning and thunder means no roller coasters for me! With friends already in Kansas City to meet up with, we made the best of our day – good barbeque, a sports bar for the USA vs. England soccer match, and a nap in the car on the ride home.

Oh, and some crochet:

I’m in love with this blanket pattern, incidentally. Works up super fast, should only take two skeins of the yarn, and feels like a dream even before the first washing – always a good sign from acrylic yarn.

+  +  +  +  +  +  +

So while my birthday plans didn’t work out as expected, we still have tickets to go ride roller coasters another day. And I was able to spend Sunday {which was my actual birthday} doing everything exactly how I’d wished – a bit of knitting, some Buffy watching, my favorite pizza, and topping it all off with the season premiere of True Blood. Yum.

I’ve got a busy year ahead, I can feel it! I’m knitting through my yarn stash at a record pace {just wait until I share this month’s completed projects!}, I’ve got tons of great goals I’m excited to accomplish, and the husband and I are dreaming big as a couple as well!

Yay for 33!

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