Jun 1, 2010

el hato (#73)

As I eek closer and closer to my goal, I'm finding myself less and less motivated to knit brand new hats - I've fallen so in love with so many of the hat patterns I've already used, I've contemplated changing the rules of this thing in the home stretch to be able to knit a few of them a few more times! Which is probably why this wonderful hat pattern - both easy to follow and easy to knit - ended up taking me almost a week to complete!

Now that its done, I'm in love with El Hato - simple design coupled with extraordinary warmth means this hat will be a wonderful addition to someone's wardrobe. I've got my list of hats to knit queued up to #81 - hopefully this planning ahead will help keep me from getting sick of what I'm knitting and keep me on track! It's definitely not for lack of amazing hat patterns that I find myself struggling to put yarn to needles!  

Specs: El Hato, by Julia Trice {free Ravelry download}; knit using Reynold's Lite Lopi on size 6 and 8 bamboo needles.

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