Jun 2, 2010

Knitting Needle Organization Step One: Paring Down

Not that long ago I woke up feeling super sick, unable to go to work. After taking a few naps and trying to make it to work in the afternoon {no luck there}, I set about finally tackling all the knitting needles I've amassed over the years.


This pile of needles, far too many for one knitter to use in her lifetime, needed not only organization but also paring down. Part of my year-long challenge is to pare down my knitting supplies to what I'll use regularly, and most of these needles just aren't fitting that bill.

I've got everything from size 0 to size 15 in that pile, but truth be told I knit using sizes 5-10 and not much else. The few times I knit with smaller or larger needles, I hate the process and tend to abandon the project before it's even 1/4 done.

With that knowledge in hand, I set about paring down. After bagging up all needles I couldn't identify, all metal DPNs, all straight needles, and any circs/wooden DPNs that weren't sizes 5-10, this is what I had taken out of my needle queue:
One giant zippered bag, unable to close, full of needles! These, along with the holders pictured, are being stored for the next six months just in case, and then I'll donate whatever I don't dip into the bag to use.

What I was left with was much less, and divided up much better.
I divided my knitting needles into zippered bags by size so that I could easily locate what I wanted to use. After looking at how many needles I've got left, I'm pretty sure there's still some paring down that can happen as I work through my yarn and figure out better which of these needles aren't necessary, but this was a huge start!

How do you organize your knitting needles? Do you find yourself using one or two sets repeatedly?

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