Jun 8, 2010

my brand of minimalism


I love to read all the blogs by all these people who are living location independent lives – they travel the world, move their homes from place to place every few months, and seem to love every minute of it. I love the seeming simplicity of it all – pack everything you own into a backpack and head out!

In reality, I would hate that kind of life. I like having my little space to call home, even if it is full of stuff I don’t necessarily want or need. I like thinking about gardening, growing stuff on our front porch and in our back yard. I crave a space to have kids in – hopefully soon – with my husband.

And despite the fact that I’m not a fan of the 40-hour work week and all that my current job entails, I love the ritual of picking up Zach everyday in the car, chatting about our jobs on the way home. I love how we live our lives together to seamlessly, how things flow in these great rhythms and rituals we wouldn’t have if we were location independent.

I also like the idea of being invested in people’s lives – in the lives of your neighbors and your friends, in the life of your city. If we were location independent, we wouldn’t be able to have my brother live with us for the summer, and we wouldn’t be able to spend quality time with our friends, living life together.

So I’ll take my minimalism with a huge caveat – I want to stay where I am, lay down roots and build a family, a home, and a life that is set not just in my backpack, but also in the ground and the neighborhood and the city I call home. I’m paring down mightily, and hope to continue to live a more minimalist life with each passing day. But I also hope to grow plants, to container garden; I hope to have a few kids and all the mess they bring; I love that we are rooted, we have a physical space to call home, and our one little car we can take to visit friends and family whenever we want.

I will never be a 100-thing or a 50-thing minimalist. My number of possessions, shared and otherwise, will always topple over in comparison. But I sure do like my brand of minimalism!

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