Jun 7, 2010

pdX hat (#75!)

Say hello to hat #75 – the pdX hat! As part of a contest worked out with Omaha.net, I knit two of this hat – a pattern I worked up myself. The white hat is going in the box of hats to be sent to Nest:Maine, and the turquoise hat will be sent off to Kabira, the wonderful contest winner! As part of the contest, she got to help design the hat. Sharing her desire to have a non-ribbed brim, and her love of textured type hats, I came up with a design full of Xs – which look more like diamonds, really! – in one of her favorite colors! And with this, I am officially entering the home stretch!

For those of you that are on Ravelry, you may have noticed I’ve gone ahead and planned out all but the last ten hats – I figure it’ll be easier if I can just look up which hat is next and grab the yarn for it, rather than having to spend a bunch of my knitting time figuring out which patterns to use. I’m excited for the next two-three months and all the knitting it will bring! I’m already planning some fun for the end of the project, figuring out my next knitting steps, and have tons to share in the coming months.

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