Jul 18, 2010

#84 - Blue Zissou

Last weekend I set a goal - to finish five hats in two days. I managed to complete my goal with time to spare, starting with finally getting my Blue Zissou finished. To be honest, while I love the way this hat turned out I hated every second of knitting it - over eight inches of 1x1 ribbing is just ridiculous to me, and I try to avoid that sort of thing at all cost. But the Zissou hat was too cute to pass up on, so I worked through my frustration so I could work this hat up. It turned out wonderfully, and if you don't mind 1x1 ribbing it may be the perfect hat for you!  

Specs: Zissou hat by Cheryl Niamath; knit using sport weight blue yarn and size 7 needles.

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