Jul 19, 2010

#85 - Bella's Eclipse

Last week I went to see the movie Eclipse with a friend. And I spent a good five minutes freaking out in the theater over the hat Bella wears while in the snow, before the fight scenes. Like any obsessed knitter, I tried to count the rows while trying to also pay attention to dialogue, with little success. Thankfully, there are other knitters in the world just as obsessed, and who were sucessful!

I managed to find the pattern for Bella's Eclipse hat on Ravelry, and within hours of casting on, I had a finished hat! No, my version is not done in the exact colors as Bella's - I worked with the yarn I had, as I'm knee-deep in my minimalist knitter challenge and am not buying new yarn these days. The hat is pure wonderful, even in the blue/cream color scheme I knit it in - works up fast thanks to all the stockinette stitch, and fits like a dream!

I made one small adjustment, due to my running out of blue yarn - I added one small stripe and then made the top cream instead of blue, like the pattern called for. If you make sure you've got enough yarn, you won't have the same issues, however!  

Specs: Bella's Eclipse hat, by Rachel Bearse {Ravelry link}; knit using donated yarn on size 8 needles.

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