Jul 28, 2010

#88 - Shroom

Continuing kid's week here, I've got a fun little hat - Shroom! It looks strange, I'll admit - almost like it shouldn't be cute. As I don't have a kid to model it, I'm going off the original Shroom pattern photos when I say I think it will end up super cute on some little girl's head!

Because of the gauge I got with my Cascade held double, this hat will more than likely fit a toddler rather than a bigger kid like it was intended, but no matter. In truth, I didn't so much enjoy knitting this hat as I enjoyed the way I hoped it would turn out. Chalk it up to my gauge being too tight I guess - the hat was a pain with all those K3tog stitches every fourth row! Now that I see it finished, I'm betting it looks ridiculously cute on any size head, but I'm not sure I'd want to go through the effort to make another one to see.  

Specs: Shroom, by Lee Wood Juvan; knit using Cascade 220 Heathers in pink held double, with size 10 needles

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