Jul 29, 2010

Favorites: Knitting Blogs

I love finding new knitting blogs, and with more and more cropping up every day I know there will always be new knitting content for me to discover. What I forget sometimes is that I may be following {stalking?} knitting blogs others of you out there have never visited!

With that in mind, I’m taking today to share with you some of my favorite knitting blogs. These are the ones I have eternally in my Google Reader, the ones I’ve gone back and read all their archives, and the writers of whom I follow on Ravelry. These are the ladies – and gentlemen – I would love to sit down and form a knitting circle with, if just for one day.

Brooklyn Tweed - Jared’s knitting photography is to die for, and his original designs have quite literally made me swoon. I’m knitting up his Cobblestone Sweater pattern for my brother before he heads to London next Winter/Spring, and have worked up several of his hat patterns for the One Hundred Hats project. His blog is understated, but he shares just enough of his life and his design process that I can’t help but head back for more. I’ve been known to go back through his archives when he hasn’t posted in awhile, just to be reminded of my love for his blog!

Wooly Wormhead - Her minimalist lifestyle astounds me {she lives in a bus with her husband and child!}, and her patterns are phenomenal. Several hats for the One Hundred Hats project have been made using her patterns, and she consistently practices what she preaches with her lifestyle and her knitting.

Soulemama - I’ve followed Amanda since her darling Ada was just about to be born, and have marveled as I’ve watched her gorgeous life unfold. She knits. She sews. She home-schools four rambunctious little ones. And she does it all with grace and beauty and sharing! Recently Amanda has been knitting her way through some EZ patterns, and it’s been a treasure to watch – not to mention all the gorgeous photographic eye candy! Honestly, even if you’re not a knitter you’ll love Soulemama’s blog for the photography alone!

 Yarn Harlot – The “great one” of knitting, Stephanie is this generation’s Elizabeth Zimmerman. She infuses humor into every post, shares her process and finished knitting projects, and pushes knitters around the world to improve at their craft.

Flint Knits - Updated a few times a year, mostly when she’s got a new pattern to share, but I love to read anyhow! Great pattern design coupled with great stories.

Knitting School Dropout - Snippets into the new patterns Melissa is designing, along with bits of her new book!

Ysolda - Ysolda features not only her designs and process, but shares where she’s at and what she’s doing while at home, as well as sharing blog space with her assistant Sara.

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What are some of the knitting blogs you read on a regular basis? I'm always on the hunt for new yarn-friendly finds!

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