Jul 27, 2010

Review: Inside-Out Simplicity

A week or so ago, Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist put out the call on Twitter – he was about to finish work on his latest e-book Inside-Out Simplicity** and was looking for some people to read/review it.

I jumped at the chance, of course – I loved Joshua’s first book Simplify**, and knew that I could expect more great things from his sophomore effort. {Can you tell I’m getting all “NYT book reviewer” on you? Sorry.} I knew that I could expect great writing and challenging topics from Joshua.

What I didn’t expect were frank discussions on how generosity and learning to desire less could impact a simple life, or realistic views on how people treat marriage ties in with a minimalist existence.

My first trip through this book yielded two typed pages of notes – I read e-books with a document-writing program open on my computer so I can take notes as I read. Much of what I noted involved phrases like “impact of wanting less: less poverty, less war” and “stop viewing your stuff as your own – we’re all in this together!”

Through much of the book I was reminded of the late-night conversations I’d have with friends over coffee when I first moved to Omaha – big-dream talks about how we could impact our little corner of the globe by sharing lawn mowers and driving people to the grocery store, killing our televisions and what it meant to truly live in community.

Personal nostalgia aside, this book is the perfect reference for someone looking to go beyond the “pare down your stuff, stop shopping so much, and head outside on a bike” mentality that the minimalist movement seems to be adopting. To get beyond that, you need to look inside, and to start making huge changes {via small, daily steps} to how you look at and interact with the world around you. This book is a great place to start.

Thanks to Joshua’s book, I’ve got a few small steps lined up for myself in the next few weeks, and am excited to see how his words impact the community! If you’re interested in learning more or purchasing the book, Click here to visit Becoming Minimalist.**

**Link is an affiliate link. If you purchase Joshua’s book through this link, I earn a small commission, thanks to his affiliate program.

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