Jul 23, 2010

Thing A Day Challenge – August

Now that I’ve pared down my yarn stash to a mere 40 items {photos of that coming next week}, I’ve been looking around asking myself “what next?” This journey over the last few months to pare down my yarn stash has opened my eyes to the amount of other stuff I own.

Unfortunately for me, I don’t have any other grand hobbies or passions that I can attack with the same fervor I attacked my knitting life. Probably a good thing, because I’d imagine figuring out the ins and outs of living as a minimalist knitter will occupy a lot of my brain power for the next several months!

I do however, own lots of other stuff - notebooks and books and paper and clothes and makeup – all the junk that occupies space in most American homes. And the more I’ve pared down my knitting life, the more I’ve realized I love this minimalist life so much I’m ready to take the next step and begin paring down the rest of my life!

Enter the “Thing-A-Day challenge” from Unclutterer, wherein a group of blog readers gathered together and agreed to get rid of stuff for a set amount of time. From Unclutterer:

“The challenge is about getting rid of one object a day, for … a month? A year? It’s up to you how long you want your challenge to last. Whether you give away, trash or donate the object is immaterial, but it must be gone from your life and space. Putting it into storage doesn’t count; though you are allowed to, say, collect the things in a box to donate them at the end of the month.”

This sounds like something that’s right up my alley, and I’m excited to say I’m going to jump in with both feet for the month of August! For 31 days I will get rid of at least one thing a day, boxing everything up that’s donation-worth and dropping the boxes off at the Goodwill as they get full. Want more details? Here you go:

  • I can get rid of more than one thing each day, but I must get rid of one thing each day. No getting rid of six things one day and then taking most of the week off.

  • This is not about things that should be thrown away or recycled – this is getting rid of the stuff that I no longer use, but that someone else can use – hence the Goodwill trips.

  • Also acceptable are items I have borrowed from friends, but have yet to return. They are not mine and are cluttering up my home! {not counted – stuff that needs to get mailed!}

  • I can keep items in a box until the box is full. At that point the box should be taken immediately for donation.

  • I will document what I’m donating each day on my Flickr account – this way I’m not cluttering up the blog with everything I’m giving away, but I’m keeping a record of it all.

I’m excited to see how much stuff I can actually get rid of in a month – at least 31 things, but I’m hoping to double, or even triple that! {photo: some of the last batch of yarn that I donated, before it was sent off}

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