Aug 1, 2010

#89 - Gooseberry

Rounding out my kids' hats posts from last week, here's Gooseberry! I fell madly in love with this hat while I was knitting it, and have plans to knit a few for some babes that are set to be born in the next few months. Anyone looking to get into hat-making for kidlets should give this pattern a look - you can use a small circular needle throughout most of it, the pattern works from memory after the first few rows for the majority of the hat {longer if you knit it from the crown down, as written!} and looks amazing when finished!

My mods, although somewhat extensive, had more to do with yarn available and personal preference than with pattern.

** I knit the hat from the brim to the crown, although the pattern calls for knitting from the crown down.

** I used worsted weight yarn, where the pattern calls for sport weight. This meant I also used larger needles, and the hat came out toddler sized, rather than baby-sized.

** I chose to not knit the i-cord tie at the top.  

Specs: Gooseberry Hat by Suvi Simola {free Ravelry download}; knit using leftover stash pink worsted and size 8 needles.

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