Aug 5, 2010

#92 - Jacob

I know, I know. I'm far too old to love the cheese and drama that comes with the Twilight series, but I can't help myself. Yes, I think it does young women and girls a disservice by presenting true love as a woman subjugating herself to the whims of her man, but that's why I'm decidedly on Team Jacob - had Bella chosen him, she would have been able to be her own dang person at least! anyhow. While I did not have any black wool to make this hat, modeled after the one worn by Jacob in the first movie, I did have some fabulous blue that was gifted to me by my brother - perfect for this hat!  

Specs: Jacob hat by Nancy Fry {Ravelry link to free pattern download}; knit using Debbie Stoller wool and size 8 needles.

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