Aug 20, 2010

#99 - Armando

And with the Armando hat, we've neared the end. Just one hat to go, a week's worth of giveaways, and the One Hundred Hats project is officially over. Strange - I feel like I've got nothing to do now that I'm not knitting hats everywhere I go, planning which patterns to knit up next, and fretting if I'm going to finish knitting on time. Armando was a great hat to round out the project with, to be sure.

I wish I could have knit it longer before beginning the decreases, but alas I was running out of yarn {smaller skein than I'd thought} and didn't want to break down and knit it all over again with fewer cast-on stitches. So it is a hat that is a bit short, but also was knit a bit tight and so will fit someone's head I am sure.

Tune in next week for the reveal of the One Hundredth Hat, the week full of giveaways, and then in early September my final thoughts on the entire project.

 Specs: Armando hat, by Gina House {Ravelry link}; knit using size 9 needles and brown stash wool.

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