Aug 23, 2010

Celebrating One Hundred Hats

This morning, I posted the photos of the one hundredth hat over at the One Hundred Hats blog, along with a link to the pattern I wrote in celebration {I'll be sharing the same link here in just a little bit}. All week there will be giveaways, people commenting like mad to try to win amazing patterns, books, and so much more that has been generously donated by readers of the blog, fellow crafters who are celebrating this huge accomplishment with me.

To be honest, when I set the goal to knit one hundred hats in one year, I wasn’t really thinking. I didn’t plan out how many hats I’d need to knit a week, figure out which patterns I was going to knit up in advance, or think much about if others would follow the project. I simply decided that I wanted to do it, and picked up some yarn.

In the last year I’ve seen readership to the One Hundred Hats blog ebb and flow, and if I’d done more marketing I’ll bet there would be thousands more people commenting right now to win prizes. That’s okay, though – the reason for doing what I did was not followers, it was life change.

A few weeks before I decided to knit one hundred hats in a year, I decided I wanted to be the kind of person who loved on the world in grand and ridiculous ways. Because I am a knitter, the goal to knit 10,000 items for charity seemed like a natural outpouring of this desire for big love.

To kick off my new habit of grand and loving gestures, I dreamed up the One Hundred Hats project. Now one year later, all I can do is sit back and marvel.

I marvel at what has happened – people around the world who have read about the project are now knitting items for charity as well.

I marvel at what I have been able to accomplish – there will be one hundred people who are much warmer thanks to my efforts.

And I marvel at myself. While I tend to downplay myself a lot, I think it’s perfectly fine to marvel at what I have been able to accomplish. With my two tiny hands and a lot of wool I’ve managed to change my life.

I cannot imagine sitting still without knitting needles in my hands now, where before I was content to let time pass unused. I cannot imagine small-scale projects any longer – I have list upon list of new goals ranging from hundreds of mittens to sweaters for every person in my family.

Most importantly, I can now see that I truly can change the world, one hand-knit at a time. Knitters, stay tuned. I will be taking two months to finish up another big knitting project {more on that next week!} and then I’m turning my focus outward even more. I’m excited to start working together to knit this world a warmer and better place, and hope you’ll join me! +

In the meantime, head on over to the One Hundred Hats blog to participate in all the great giveaways that are happening – there’s tons of amazing stuff to win!

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