Aug 26, 2010

Favorites: Ladies Who Blog

Aside from the knitting blogs I read, the next big category of blogs I love are those written by women. Some are crafty, some carry a huge dose of humor. Some are all about inspiration and some share tips and tricks I love to snag. Some are single, some are married. Some are moms, some are not. How do I categorize these women who blog? I call them amazing, and leave it at that.

Here is a list of the ones I would miss seriously and with great sobbing if they were gone {in alphabetical order, since I could come up with no better way}.
Andrea Scher. (@andreascher) Just when I think she can't get more chock-full of inspiration, Andrea busts out another to-the-point post that digs right at the heart of where I’m at and what I need. From her jewelry to her e-classes on living your best and fullest life, Andrea’s world is colorful and beautiful for miles.

Boho Girl. (@bohophoto) Denise speaks to the hippie in me on a daily basis. Her love of her boho family, her love of organic and healthy living, and her love of nature and spending time when she can by the water all speak to my soul. Open about her fertility struggles and eventual adoption, Denise reminds me that all paths to family are correct.

Chookooloonks. (@chookooloonks) Photography, beauty, peace and love. Chookaloonks reminds me of the neo-hippies I used to envy – totally put together and brilliant, yet floating through life with such an eye for detail and beauty that I could never begin to imagine having in my world. Thanks to Karen I’m realizing this life might not be as unattainable as I once thought.

Danielle LaPorte. (@daniellelaporte) White Hot Truth, it ain’t no joke! Danielle rocks me each time she posts – dolling out permission to create and offering sage advice for working your hustle in bite-sized bursts that pack quite a punch!

Dooce. (@dooce) Her design sensibilities amaze and humble me, and I love how open and honest she is about her thoughts and feelings. Her accosting of Gwyneth Paltrow while in NYC recently makes me think we could definitely enjoy a few drinks together – Heather, call me!

Elise Blaha. (@eliseblaha) Crafty maven Elise discusses memory-keeping for the younger generations. Her blog is packed full of ideas for keeping track of your life and celebrating every minute – I turn to her blog when I need a dose of beauty and reminders that all those little moments definitely do matter.

Gala Darling. (@galadarling) Whip-smart. Gossip Girl on Acid style that I envy. Gala reminds her readers to look for the love and the light in their days, and encourages us to follow our dreams, whatever they may be. All about loving ones-self to the hilt, she lives her life out loud and with no regrets.

Gwen Bell. (@gwenbell) Envious short hair and adorable husband. Gwen reminded me that I should be sending out more cards, and that it’s okay to seek out the divine in my days. Lanky, gorgeous and self-confident for days, Gwen helps her readers find the balance between their online and on-the-mat lives.

Hula Seventy. (@hulaseventy) Beauty in photographs, this lady is a dancer, and her writing flows like movement to music. I love how creative she is with her family, and how she unabashedly disappears when she needs time to just live.

Susannah Conway. (@photobird) Susannah reminds me to open myself up, to let life in by the handful, and to share it freely. Through struggle this amazing woman came into herself and is now helping others do the same!

Kandee The Make-Up Artist. Kandee is a hugger. She shares really great advice on how to look the part even when you don’t yet have the part. Thanks to Kandee I have whiter teeth, a plan for my bangs, and an eyebrow shape that fits my face. Never underestimate the power of a good eyebrow, people.

Maggie Mason. (@maggie) Looking for a kick in the pants when it comes to living your best life, rocking your best wardrobe, or simply documenting it all with style? Maggie’s the gal for you. Her Mighty Closet series has me coveting a more streamlined and sassy look, her Life List has inspired thousands, and you just know she's not going to stop challenging us all to live to the hilt anytime soon!

New Nostalgia. (@MyNewNostalgia) I have the pleasure of knowing Amy in real life, and I promise she’s as tremendous as she seems. Her tips for living a simplified life with a husband and three kids translate to anyone’s life, and her recipes can’t be beat!
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