Aug 18, 2010

Minimalism and Passion: Elise Blaha

elise-blaha.jpg Almost every Wednesday I post short interviews with passionate people, digging into their thoughts on minimalism.
As I move towards a minimalist lifestyle, I’ve found I learn more from listening to others share their unique journeys than I have from books and impersonal articles.

Everyone has their own take on minimalism, and in hearing those stories I find myself more open to exploring my own minimalist journey.

Today's interview is with Elise Blaha, writer, scrapbooker and crafty lady! She blogs daily, runs an amazing shop, and is getting ready to kick off another online workshop!

Elise rocks out memory keeping with the idea that by using the supplies you have on hand, the photos you take every day, and a few words and memories, you can create scrapbooks and save your memories in style!

MK: How did your passions inspire or move you towards minimalism?

EB: I realized that "less is more" can sometimes make the biggest impression in design.

MK: Did you find anything change or shift with your passion once you began your minimalist journey?

EB: I think the less complicated I make projects the more attractive big elaborate decorative projects tend to sound. The grass is always greener ... and going back and forth between minimalism and complicated-ness can be inspiring.

MK: How do you nurture your creative spirit within the boundaries of the “do more with less” mentality of minimalism?

EB: I work well with minimal colors. I like to pick projects that are accented with just a few - like green, yellow, blue. Once I have boundaries in place I find that it's easier to be creative without getting overwhelmed.

MK: What is one thing that consistently trips you up on your minimalist journey?

EB: Just the abundance of what is out there. I think the internet is a great creative resource, but there is so much to see that sometimes I get too many projects going at once because I am inspired by too many different things. I think having too much going on at my workspace results in many of the projects suffering. I do my best to work one thing through to completion at a time.

MK: What is one piece of advice you’d share with others who share your passion and are exploring minimalism?

EB: Believe that you can make a big impact with a simple thought.

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