Aug 6, 2010

Review: Small Ways To Make A Big Difference

Almost every Friday I review e-books I've either purchased or found for free around the internet. Each was read for a variety of reasons, and if I've found the information share-able, I'm doing so in this way.

This week, I'm reviewing Small Ways To Make A Big Difference, edited by Raam Dev.

Just about a week ago I followed a Twitter link to the free e-book Small Ways To Make A Big Difference. Edited by Raam Dev – a dude living in India after selling all his possessions and leaving his decade-long career in the IT field – this book packs quite a punch.
We can do no great things, only small things with great love. ~ Mother Teresa
Small Ways is a compilation of some great advice from a wide variety of people {mostly bloggers who responded to Raam’s call for change-making ideas}, all centering around the small things we can do every day to make the world a better place. Some of my favorites include “under-think your life’s purpose”, “live intentionally”, and “let elderly people have your seat”, although the essays run from living more minimalist to meditating on the one-ness of all beings.

I love that while the book can be read all in one sitting, it’s formatted almost like one of the Daily Prayer books I used to pick up every few months back in my Presbyterian days. Each page reminds me of a devotion, something to read, sit with, and meditate or pray on throughout the day, letting the words soak into and through you.

It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by the world – all the injustice, sadness, poverty, and war that permeate our societies can bring down even the most positive person. These simple and daily reminders that small steps can create big change are just what our world needs right now! Thanks for this Raam!

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