Sep 16, 2010

Boneyard Shawl {Simple Knits}

There is something that snaps in me when I hear I have a friend in need. Whether the need is a joyful one such as a blanket for a new babe, or a more somber one, my hands begin to twitch over the keys on the keyboard as I search for the perfect knit. It feels ingrained really - before I know what's happening, the items I had been knitting on have been set aside, yarn from my stash has been found that perfectly matches a pattern, and I have begun to knit.

This is how I cast on for the Boneyard Shawl.


Unfortunately named for the purpose at hand, I found the Boneyard Shawl the perfect item to knit up for an old friend who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. As she begins chemo treatments, she will be in need of warmth, and this simple and beautiful shawl was the perfect choice.

Knit in Lion Brand Woolease, the shawl will have just enough wool to keep her warm and snuggly, while still making it washable and easy to care for should she need that. Working up quick and easy on size 10 needles, this shawl took me all of four days to finish from cast on to weaving in ends - and that includes a lot of time taken off to knit on other projects, to head to work, and to do other day-to-day stuffs that had to be done.


I wish I could capture the beauty of the colors in this shawl better - it heathers between royal blue and deep blue, with flecks of purples and gray mixed in that give it a gorgeous texture that I just can't seem to capture. I wish I could be there to wrap my arms around Amy personally while she goes through this. I wish I could re-name the shawl just this one time - Boneyard does not seem like the name I want to pass down in a shawl earmarked for a healing purpose.

I wish a lot as I send this shawl off to be used and loved by my friend and her family, but I am grateful for the pattern that gave me a simple knit I could get ready to go. This is the crux of my love of simple knits, really - something that works up fast and easy, looks gorgeous immediately, and will be loved by anyone who receives it.

Download the Boneyard Shawl pattern for free through Ravelry!

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