Sep 24, 2010

Of Book-Learning, Minimalism, And What I Love To Read

Earlier today was full of book suggestions, and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve added so many new books to my Amazon wish list, and was pleasantly surprised at the number of them that are available for the Kindle.

In the spirit of that sharing, I wanted to share with you a few books I’ve been loving on in the past few months. Most of these are e-books, which means you can download them straight to your computer and enjoy them at your leisure {or at your work-place, if that’s how you roll}.

Some of these books I’ve shared about in the past – and in those cases, I’ve linked to my reviews so you can see more of what I’ve got to say. Some of them I haven’t shared with you, due more to forgetfulness on my part than their not being amazing – you should check them out for yourself to decide if you’d like them.

Some of these are free – and I’ve noted where they are – and some of these e-books are for sale. Don’t let that little factoid hamper your decision to purchase them, however – it was these very e-books that were the catalyst for my moving towards a more minimalist existence, and each of them offers tremendous value to you!

Sell Your Crap by Adam Baker of ManVsDebt. The newest book added to my minimalist arsenal, Sell Your Crap is the perfect book for those of you who are looking to downsize your lives but don’t know where to begin! Baker takes you through the differences between “stuff” and “crap”, how to make a buck or two off all that stuff you’re downsizing from your life, and how to keep up the momentum after the initial rush.

The extended version comes with guides designed to help you sell more stuff on Amazon, E-Bay, and Craigslist, and points out the one thing I did wrong that burned me out from it, when I could’ve happily sold more stuff a long time ago. If you’re stuck with a lot of stuff, wanting to get rid of it, but not sure where to start, I’ve just handed you the key.

 Minimalist Business and The Art Of Being Minimalist by Everett Bogue. When I was floundering with my own journey, The Art Of Being Minimalist led me towards my specific goals and my minimalist knitter path. When I was trying to figure out if my dream of earning a living while knitting was even possible, Ev’s Minimalist Business reminded me that the gatekeepers have been tossed aside, and I shouldn’t let anything stand in my way!

The Zen Habits Trilogy from Leo Babauta. These books were the initial catalyst for me – reminders of how to simplify my routines, my thoughts, and my life. Leo’s writing is cited by almost every minimalist blogger out there as a huge influence, and I’m not different. He was doing it when no one else was!

 Inside-Out Simplicity and Simplify by Joshua Becker . Passionate about what he calls “rational minimalism”, Joshua lives and works with his wife and two kids, and offers a unique perspective to minimalism. Perfect to challenge me with my husband and our home and our cats, these books reminded me that I could be a minimalist and still have a backyard I loved to walk barefoot in, that I didn’t have to travel to a new city every four months, and that I had a place in this movement.

Consume Less, Create More from step1network. This e-book is by far and away the one that spoke most deeply to my creative spirit. Written with artists in mind, it offered up concrete examples and action steps when I was caught up in my head, in the planning of my minimalist journey.

 Smalltopia by Tammy Strobel of RowdyKittens. Tammy rocks a super minimalist lifestyle, and rides around on her bike, totally car-free. While my city isn’t the most car-free-friendly place to live, my husband and I have been taking steps to be ‘car-lite’. What Tammy rocked my world with, however, was her vision of Smalltopia, and the idea that I could create my own little perfect spot on the planet to house my dreams and passions.

279 Days to Overnight Success by Chris Guillebeau. You couldn’t pay me to remember how I came across Chris and his free manifestos, but I promise you that this free e-book has been the catalyst to the majority of my journey towards living my best life. I turn back to it at least twice a year to set me back on my truest path, and thanks to it I’ve killed things that haven’t worked in order to make room for my right path to have room to grow. If you’re at a loss, looking for a good place to start but are unsure of where that place is, this e-book is for you.

Small Ways To Make A Big Difference ed. by Raam Dev.c A compilation of great advice from around the web and the world, Small Ways is full of just that – small ways we can affect big change on the world one day at a time. Features ideas as diverse as “live intentionally” and “under-think your life purpose”!

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