Oct 19, 2010

Favorites: Namaste Circular Needle Case

Just around a month ago, disgusted with the state of my knitting needles, I decided to take some serious action. I’d already organized my DPNs into travel toothbrush containers, and that’s been working like a charm, but I was stuck when it came to my circular needles.

For the past six months, they’d resided in plastic sandwich bags divided up by needle size – I’d had them in a needle roll for a time, and before that in a hanging needle organizer. None of these solutions worked well for me for a variety of reasons – what I wanted was some sort of hard case that would organize them easily, while not taking up a ton of room and still keeping the needles totally contained.

Enter Namaste Inc, a provider of knitting bags and accessories that have ridiculous amounts of style.

I placed my order with squeals - $23 for a vegan-friendly turquoise case?! – and waited rather impatiently for my purchase to arrive. Within a week I had my case in hand, and began to organize my needles.

Thanks to my initial needle purge back in early June, I only have circular needles and they only range in size from 5 to 10.5. I have thankfully yet to run into a project I’d like to make that uses a needle I don’t have, and while I may have a few different lengths in each of these sizes, I’m happy with the size of my needle selection for now.

I have a separate spot for my 16” needles of each size, as these are the needles I use most often, the hat lover that I am! All other needles for each size sit behind it together – I have no more than three other needles of each size.

Every single circular needle I own – really, every needle I own other than my DPNs – fits into this tiny case, and I couldn’t be more pleased! It takes up less room in my knitting bag than all those plastic bags once did, is much easier to find and sort through, and I can tell in an instant where to find the needle I need.

Perfection in a little square case indeed!

{Note: this is not a paid endorsement of any kind. I paid full price for my Namaste Circular Needle Case and make no affiliate sales off any of the links. I just love love love my case, and knew the knitters reading would need to know about it!}

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