Oct 28, 2010

Project 333: The October Update

October is almost behind us now, and with it follows the first month of Project 333. Many of you are following along with great interest, and a few of you are even participating as well - as promised, here is my October update.

When I signed up for Project 333, I knew I'd end up switching out a few of my pieces - what I didn't know is that I'd do a complete overhaul, that I'd end up wanting to wear dresses all the time, or that I'd end the month with fewer than 33 items!

Less than two weeks into the challenge, I was found with five dresses in my closet along with a few pairs leggings and tights, and all those shirts and my lone pair work pants were left to languish on the sidelines.
If I'd known how constricting dress pants felt once the sweet freedom of a dress had been experienced, I'd sure have switched to being a dress girl YEARS AGO. Why did no one tell me? Why did I not listen?!

Due to a weekend warrior-style closet room renovation {more on this next week}, I got super off-track on taking daily wardrobe photos - and really, shots of me in cut-off sweats and a grimy tee three days straight wouldn't have been super exciting anyhow.

Once the renovation was completed, I never got back into the habit of taking daily photos, although I did manage to play dress-up for an afternoon with the stuff I'm wearing pretty regularly - the phots that are scattered throughout this post {and please ignore the pissy face - I'm not a big fan of being in front of the camera, preferring to be taking the photos instead}.

Now that November is upon us, I'm working fast and furious to finish at least one cardigan before it gets ridiculously cold - my grey store-bought cardigan is starting to dislike being tossed into the wash machine so much. I'd like to pick up another dress or two - maybe even work my way up to owning a full ten! - but for now, the five you've seen on repeat are working out just fine.

I have noticed that I spent a good chunk of my time in October shopping - for more tights, a few new dresses, and a pair or two of leggings. The point of this project was to not spend money on clothes and wear what I've got, and instead I did the exact opposite!

I should be upset about this - I've even considered starting the project over in November as penance of some sort - but when I really step back and look, I'm not upset at all.

I discovered a way to a more minimalist wardrobe, and have consistently pared down my clothing over the last 30 days. For each item in, I've put one or two in the donatiosn bag. And most importantly, I've come up with a sustainable way to dress for years to come!

For those of you participating in Project 333, how did your first month go? Does anyone have any questions, concerns, snarky remarks? Leave them in the comments and I'll try to answer them {also in comments, and with equal amounts of snark!} as best I can.

Oh, and for those interested, here's a new and improved list of my wardrobe items:
  1. black tank #1

  2. black tank #2

  3. white tank #1

  4. white tank #2

  5. gray cardigan

  6. skinny jeans

  7. knee-high boots

  8. dress 1: gray/white dress

  9. dress 2: black pattern dress

  10. dress 3: green dress {not super comfy, and will more than likely be replaced at some point}

  11. dress 4: black/turquoise houndstooth dress

  12. dress 5: black/white swirly dress

  13. tights

  14. black wedges

  15. tan owl top

  16. Husker tee

  17. black turtleneck sweater {for football games}

  18. black turtleneck

  19. grey turtleneck - both of these are for layering under dresses in the coldest weather

My goals in the next two months? Pick up a few more pair of tights, add a cardi or two to the selection, grab a long-sleeve shirt or two for layering during the coldest months, and potentially grab another dress or two to spice up the line-up. The rest of the clothes I own will be donated as I pick up new items - my goal is to end the year with 50 or less items of clothing TOTAL in my posession.

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