Oct 25, 2010

Quick Holiday Knits: For Women

While finding the perfect quick-knit for the men in your life can seem tricky, sometimes it can be harder to find a knitting pattern suitable for the women in your life – between all the options and all the likes/dislikes of the women around you, it can feel like an uphill battle from the start.

These five patterns have been tried and tested by the friends and family in my life, and each time have proven to be the perfect quick knit to gift. Each is small enough to be portable, and comes with a minimum of directions, meaning all you’ll need to worry about is grabbing the perfect color!

Boneyard Shawl. This free Ravelry download from Stephen West has quickly become one of my favorite quick knits. I’ve whipped up one for a friend, whipped one up on a long car ride, worked one in a wool blend, one from locally sourced wool, and am making one in cotton just to see. Make it large {at least a dozen pattern repeats} for a huge body-hugging shawl, or work it a bit smaller {eight or so repeats} for a neck-warmer sized piece. It’s so perfect for anyone on your list – I’m considering just working this one again and again to keep on hand just in case!

Calorimetry. I honestly didn’t even consider this a pattern worthy of holiday gift knitting until no less than three girlfriends saw it as part of my One Hundred Hats project and began to squawk about wanting one of their own. Turns out this is the perfect thing to give to the runners in your life, and so many of my runner friends have sworn by it I knew it must be added.

Jane Hat. Who placed a bet that this pattern would be on my list?! If you did, you’re smarter than I am, because it was a last-minute addition. No matter the fact that I’ve knit it for approximately five people ALREADY to give as a holiday gift, I didn’t think to add it on until someone reminded me of my love for Jane and her amazing hats!

Fetching. Know a lady who could use some gorgeous little mitts to help keep her digits warm? Fetching is the perfect pattern for this! I’ve considered just working up one pair of these a month throughout the year and then having them on-hand to give as gifts as needed, but although that plan has yet to work itself out, Fetching is the perfect go-to holiday mitts pattern.

Mustard Scarf. One more Jane Richmond pattern for good measure! I knit my first one of these amazing scarves up just a few weeks ago, and it’s already being loved on and fondled daily by the recipient. As soon as I bound off, I knew I’d need to make several more to send off as gifts to those who live far away – it packs up small, can be buttoned a variety of ways, and is the perfect alternative to a full scarf for those who don’t like the bother of all that fabric.

Now that we’ve got a plan for the adults in our lives, let’s take a look at the smaller set – next week we’ll be tackling both kid-friendly gifts and those for the littlest of babes. Never fear, I’ve found some adorable – and fast – knits for you!

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