Oct 4, 2010

September Squares Update

It’s been a few weeks since I shared with you my goal to crochet 100 squares by the end of the year. I’ve been crocheting in the evening after I finish my knitting, while out watching football games {both in person and on television in bars}, and in any spare minute I can find. The beauty of crocheting squares is the portability, and I’m happy to share that I finished 21 squares in September!

I managed to work my way through about half of the green yarn I had balled up and ready to go when I started this One Hundred Squares challenge. My goal for October is to work through the rest of the balled up green and get at least halfway through the gold/browns bag I’ve set up.

I’m about halfway to filling up a box to send off to The Ghana Project, the first of three charities which will receive squares from me this fall. I always love sending squares to them, and get so excited to see new photos of finished afghans as the squares are sewn together.

Because I send squares that have their tails in the middles of the squares, I like to include a bit of extra yarn for sewing them together. One of the requests of The Ghana Project is that you leave the tails at least 10” long so they can use them to sew the squares together easier. Because my tails aren’t at the ends like on most squares, this ensures they don’t have to hunt for yarn.

In September, all the squares I knit have been based off the Quad Color Square pattern. I’m obviously using only one color per square, but the pattern followed is the same. I love that it’s a modified granny square, but there are far less holes between stitches, which makes it that much warmer – a bonus and a half for this thin yarn!

All of this amazing acrylic was donated to me by some lovely nuns who, upon reading about my One Hundred Hats project in the local paper, offered up a huge bag of yarn they’d had but weren’t using. Within I found several sweaters’ worth of wool, which I am happily putting to use for holiday presents and some charity donations, but there was also the mother-load of acrylic meant for blankets.

There were two just-started blankets in the bag, but neither had enough yarn included to finish them up. The yarn that wasn’t already on the needles is what I have been using thus far, although I am in the process of frogging both blankets and winding the yarn up into balls for this squares project as well.

It makes me so happy to think that this yarn, intended to be made into donated blankets, will end up living out its full purpose, if not exactly in the manner originally assumed. While I won’t be knitting up one or two full blankets, I will be sending on dozens of squares – possibly my entire One Hundred Squares will come from this yarn – to be added to blankets for children around the world!

The success of this One Hundred Squares project over just the past few weeks has got my mind turning. If I keep on this pace – 21 squares every two weeks – that means I’ll reach my One Hundred Squares goal in half the time I’d thought it would take.

Squares are, after all, a quick and somewhat easy way to knock out items for charity. And when one has set a huge goal of donating 10,000 hand-knits in her lifetime, quick and easy is not a bad thing.

Originally, I’d set a “mini-goal” on my Life List to work up 1,000 squares towards my 10,000 goal. With as fast as I’ve worked up this first group, I’ve decided that once I hit my One Hundred Squares goal, I’m just going to keep right on going until I hit 1,000.

I don’t intend to let square-making take over my crafting life – my hope is to use squares to supplement when bringing a larger project along doesn’t make sense, and for working up during those in-between times. I’ve got plenty of acrylic currently in my stash to work up, and once that’s gone I’m sure I can find some more at a local thrift shop, on Ravelry, or at my local big box craft store.

This means more updates like this – consider this the first of many monthly Square Updates!

{that blurry photo, by the way, was the last i took before getting my new camera. wanted to save it for posterity.}

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