Oct 7, 2010

Ten {More} Minimalist Choices You Can Make Today

{see my first list here}

1. Donate something. Every single one of us has something in our possession we aren’t using, don’t love, or no longer need. I don’t care if you own only 50 things or closer to 5,000 – there’s something you can let go of. Box it up, bag it up, and take it down to your local Goodwill. Today.

2. Knit a square. Grab some of your acrylic yarn and knit {or crochet} a square for charity. I’m doing this every day, and will be donating One Hundred Squares to three charities. It’s a great stash buster, and helps you do a bit of good for the world.

3. Read an e-book. No need to head to the bookstore to check out the latest books on de-cluttering or living a more minimalist life – you can snap up an e-book for about the same price, and with much less physical clutter! I’ve reviewed some of my favorites over the last six months to help get you started.

4. Get a library card. Not only will you not have to buy as many books in general {save money! Save the planet!} but you’ll also probably find tons of great knitting books you didn’t know existed! I’ve found some great stuff at my local library, and if I’m honest Omaha’s library system isn’t near as good as some others!

5. Pick a knitting project and stick with it. You will get more knitting done, your knitting basket will be less full, and you’ll love knowing you don’t have ten different projects lurking around behind you.

6. Cut half the people off your holiday knitting list. I know this sounds cruel and possibly goes against all sorts of DIY beliefs about the holidays, but you just can’t knit for everyone. If you decide to knit presents this year, stick to giving smaller gifts like hats and phone cases {look for my full “hand-knit holidays” guide next week}, and only make them for people you know will appreciate hand-knits.

7. Knit something for charity, and from yarn in your stash. There is a charity that will take almost any object you will knit, made from just about any fiber you’ve got on-hand. Search through Ravelry, do a simple Google search {which is often how I find charities to donate to} or check out Lion Brand’s charity connection. Then cast on something you’ll love to knit with some yarn from your stash, and go to town. You’ll be helping others and you’ll drop some stash weight!

8. Unsubscribe from an e-mail list. We all sign up for them without thinking too much about it, and then they start to clutter up your inbox. Feel free to unsubscribe from the Minimalist Knitter newsletter if it’s not something you love getting each month, for that matter. The less clutter in your inbox, the more time you have to create!

9. While we’re on the subject, unsubscribe from a few blogs in your feed reader as well. I go on subscribing jags where I’ll start following any and every blog that catches my fancy. Before I know it, my feed reader is full of blogs I only sort of love to read. If it doesn’t give you new information, bring you joy, or help you learn something, get rid of it. you’ll be much happier for it.

10. Take five minutes to sit. Head outside, do this inside if you prefer, but take five minutes to just sit and listen – to your breath, to the noises around you, to what your heart is telling you. In the midst of all the chaos of our Western lives, sitting can be an amazing tool.

{image from Arianna Belle, via We Heart It}

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