Nov 4, 2010

i’ve got the blues

... but not like you'd think! After getting most of my yarn organized into the shelves in the office {photos of that monster process early next week!} I snapped this photo.

I just have so much blue yarn! Much of it has been donated, but as I look at the projects I've been making lately, I notice just how many of them have a blue theme - two pairs of blue baby pants, a blue monster, a blue-ish gray scarf, blue hats abounding - and I realize just how much I love the color blue in the fall and winter.

With everything turning so cold in the Midwest, I gravitate away from the warm reds, oranges, and golden colors of the leaves and towards cool-tones like blues and grays. So I started looking through some of my recent saved images from We Heart It - more blues!

What are you favorite colors for the fall and winter seasons?

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