Jan 28, 2011

February Knit-Along: Hats For Babies!

{note: there used to be a photo here, but now there's not. trying to go back through my archives to find it and share it again, though!}

I've always loved knit-alongs - the challenge to whip through as many items as you can manage in a set amount of time, the prizes and excitement, everyone cheering each other on towards the goal! It's actually on my Life List to host an online knit-along, and after the fun of the 24-hour hat challenge, I knew February was the month!  

So welcome all to the Feburary Knit-Along For Charity, Baby Edition! The challenge is simple - knit or crochet as many baby hats as you can during the month, and then give them away to charity! My favorite way to do this? Swing into your local hospital and ask for directions to the NICU, and then just say "Hey, I've got some baby hats to donate!" They love it!

How It Will Work:

Beginning February 1st {that's next Tuesday!}, start knitting and/or crocheting baby hats! I've included a list below of some of my faovrite free baby hat patterns - most of which are super easy to work up - in case you need suggestions! Each Friday in February, I'll share a photo of the hats I've finished. In the comments of that post, share a link to your finished hats - it can be a photo posted to your blog, a link to a Ravelry page, or a shot from your Flickr account. On March 1 {also a Tuesday!} I'll post a shot of all the hats I've made during the month. In that post, share a link to a photo of all your finished hats for the month - in other words, don't give them away until March 1st! I'll select a winner from the list of comments that has a valid link to a photo of finished hats, and they'll win a prize!  

What's The Prize?! 

For simplicity sake, the prize will be a $25 gift certificate to Amazon.com! This is enough to help you purchase a new knitting book, some yarn {yes, you can purchase yarn from Amazon!} or anything else your little heart desires. The prize will be awarded randomly rather than being based on production - any hat knitted or crocheted for charity should count equally, don't you think?!

Patterns I Love!

This is the fun stuff - a selection of knit and crochet patterns you can use! In truth, you can use whatever pattern you'd like. These are just a few I've used time and again, and love to work with! Knitting Patterns:
Crochet Patterns:

The Fine Print

Each knitter or crocheter will only be allowed one submission, in the form of a comment to the March 1st post. Each qualifying comment must include a link to a photo showing all knitted/crocheted hats in one group, no matter how big or small that group is. Double entries will be deleted, so you can't get a leg up by sharing your work twice. Only comments to the March 1st post will be counted. Comments must be submitted by March 5th, before commenting is shut down on the March 1st post, in order to be counted. The winner will be announced Tuesday March 8th.

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