Jan 25, 2011

How To Knit 30 Charity Hats In Less Than 24 Hours

Over the weekend I participated in a 24-hour hat knitting/crochet challenge through a Ravelry group I'm part of. Four teams of eight each competed to see which team could knit and/or crochet the most hats.


While I may be a fast knitter, I also know it takes me several hours to knit a hat - even a baby-sized hat. However, I also know that for some reason, I can crochet up a simple baby hat in almost no time at all. With that knowledge, I volunteered to be part of my group's team.


Saturday morning saw me up early, checking the boards and beginning my first hat. I was dismayed to discover people already showing off hats #4-10, and felt I would of course let my team down. But I carried on, heading to my MIL's house where she has a regular Saturday craft time, bringing my yarn with me.


Surrounded by other crafters of many varieties, I found my groove, and began to crochet little baby hats like the wind! I chose not only pink and blue colors, but also some browns and marigolds, hoping some of the NICU babies wouldn't mind non-gendered hats!


I used a basic crochet preemie/baby hat pattern found on Bev's Country Cottage site - using the larger of the two sizes, I whipped through a pattern that quickly became engrained in my memory. And as I crocheted, my fingers began to remember all the other hats I've made over the years for the NICU.


Breaking only for lunch and dinner {and to head back home as the snow started to fall}, I managed to whip through thirty little baby hats by the time I could no longer keep my eyes open. I didn't believe it until the next day, when I snapped this photo ...

All hats

These thirty little baby hats will be added to over the next few days and weeks - I seem to have rekindled my love of baby hat making, and have pulled out even more acrylic from my stash for the job! - and will then be taken to the local hospital's NICU for the little babes to keep warm in.

What I Loved About This Project:

  • I used only stash yarn - no new yarn needed

  • I managed to crochet through over 1,000 yards of yarn!

  • I only needed the bare minimum of tools - a size H hook, my scissors, a darning needle for weaving in ends, and the yarn!

  • By using a variety of yarns, I managed to make a variety of hat sizes, to fit a variety of baby heads.

In fact, I loved this project so much, I'm going to be hosting a similar project throughout the month of Feburary, here on the blog! Stay tuned for more details, and get your stash yarn, knitting needles, and crochet hooks ready to go!

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