Jan 14, 2011

loving right now

1. The way our city looks three days after a foot of snow. The roads are all plowed {finally}, there's piles of snow 8 feet tall in some places, and things are a bit muddy and grey, but it still looks like a winter wonderland if you squint your eyes.

2. The new rain/snow boots I picked up for a song. They're knock-off Wellies, and I've loved wearing them in this snowstorm. Can't wait to wear them in the spring rains, either.

3. Sleep. Lately I've needed a lot more sleep than usual, but it's so lovely to curl up on the couch in a handmade blanket, or snuggle up in bed with the mister and the kitties. For the first time ever, I don't feel guilty about sleeping the evening away - bliss!

4. Re-working my goals for 2011. It's going to be a big year, packed full of a few huge things, and I can't wait to kick them off! However, writing your 2011 goals when 2010 is still happening didn't work out quite like I'd planned. I'm re-tooling my dreams and goals, and loving the process.

5. Re-reading the Harry Potter series. While I wish desperately J.K. Rowhling would allow her books to be purchases on the Kindle, I've been busting out my hard-cover copies and re-reading the stories. I'm up to book 5 now, and loving all the bits I'd forgotten about, or that weren't included in the movies.

6. Getting excited about taking more photos. I find myself ignoring my camera more often than I'd care to admit - she's so shiny and new, and yet I hardly bring her out to play! So I've decided it's high time I snap more photos of my everday life - still figuring out the best way to share these photos, but I think I'm almost there.

7. My hair right now. It's almost shoulder-length {growing it out is taking far less patience than it did last time}, my bangs are almost able to be tucked behind my ear, and it's feeling thicker by the minute. Can't wait for it to all be able to pull back in a hair band!

8. Blog planning! I know it's just the beginning of the year, I've recently introduced one new series {Essential Patterns}, and have hinted at another {Knitting 101}, but the past week I've been plotting a few small changes for this space. I'll share as I figure it all out - for now, things will keep on keeping as they have been as I plot a bit longer.

9. Giving up caffeine. With the new year, I'm giving up the caffeine monster - more specifically, I'm letting go of soda. Our house has been tethered to it for far too long, and while I can't control what the mister does with his habits, I sure can control mine! I already feel healthier, and it's only been a few days!

10. Hula Seventy's 52 lists. I love how she's documenting her life in this way - maybe I'll snag her idea?

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