Jan 17, 2011

Simple Knits: Two Great Slippers Patterns

This week we're taking a bit of a departure from our Essential Knits schedule, and we're dipping into a new type of pattern - slippers!
A few months ago, Adam Baker of Man Vs. Debt started hinting that he, his wife Courtney, and their daughter Millie were about to head out on another adventure. Being super nosy, I e-mailed asking what the adventure was, and if I could knit them something for the trip!

After a few e-mails back and forth about their cross-country RV adventure, I was all set to knit a pair of slippers each for Courtney and Millie. As they were hitting the road on January 1st, I had about a week to whip these up, and thankfully I had everything I needed in my Essential Patterns binder!


Pattern One: Nola's Slippers for Courtney

I knew I wanted to test out Nola's Slipper pattern {Ravelry link} after seeing it used on Spider Woman Knits' blog. They look like the comfiest pair of slippers ever, and as soon as I saw them I felt compelled to cast them on. The pattern is written in one size {approximately a size 7 women's}, but the garter stitch patterning meant the slippers stretch to just about any size - perfect, as Courtney requested a slightly larger size!

I whipped them up in two days just before Christmas - mostly because of a long break I took while knitting, and know I could finish a pair in a day if needed. {see my Ravelry page}

Pattern Two: Stripey Slippers for Millie

Because Nola's Slippers pattern came in only an adult size, I knew I needed to find a pattern that would work for smaller toes. Luckily, I found the Stripey Slippers pattern from Little Turtle Knits, which is similar to Nola's - except with more sizing options! I hesitated to purchase the pattern - it cost $8 after all! - but I'm glad I did, as it has been added to my Essential Patterns binder already!

I knit Millie's slippers in their size 4, which is around a size 9-10 kid shoe. A bit big for her feet, I know how fast little kid toes grow, and I wanted to be sure she'd be able to wear them for their entire trip. {see my Ravelry page}

I already have future plans for both patterns. First up, a few more pairs of slippers from the Nola's Slippers pattern for myself, a few friends, and for charity. Then, as summer hits, I'll start whipping through a few kid-sized versions of the Stripey Slippers pattern to donate in the fall.

With both of these patterns, by following them exactly you'll end up with the perfect little slippers! I loved using the Woolease on them as well - the warmth of wool with the washability of acrylic.

Here's hoping these two pair will keep toes toasty throughout 2011!

For more info on Adam, his family, and their trip, check out his Man Vs. Debt blog. He recently shared a full list of everything they brought in their RV! Because their family lives with as few posessions as possible, and had limited space in the RV for belongings, I'm super excited to see what made the cut!

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