Jan 31, 2011

Simple Knits: Walk In The Park Hat

Walk in the park I love a good slouchy hat! More importantly, I love a good slouchy hat that has an easy-to-memorize pattern that can work for men or women, and that can easily be sized to be as slouchy (or not!) as you please!

Walk In The Park Hat from Pickles is just such a hat! For the One Hundred Hats project I knit it up in turquoise {pictured at left} and made it a bit less slouchy - perfect on me, but it looked equally as good on my brother, who tried it on this past summer.

I've also knit the hat up a lot slouchier and gifted it to friends who have been seeen rocking them around town. Knit up in wool or acrylics this hat withstands just about anything you can throw at it.

Perfect for someone who's just starting to dabble in hat knitting, the beauty of this free pattern is in it's three-row repeat - you only have three rows to remember and then you start over!

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