Jan 21, 2011

winter lunch date

Lunch date

It has been far too cold the last few days to think about anything - writing, knitting, traveling outside the home.

Today however, the husband and I decided to head to lunch together, swinging into a favorite Omaha restaurant - Crescent Moon - for their signature ruebens and soup.

I've been thinking how little I actually take photos. I have a tremendous camera given to me as an early Christmas present, and then I also have a tremendous camera on my phone, and yet I rarely take photos other than "inside the house knitting shots".

It's embarassment, really. I wonder what people will think of me as I snap photos of this and that. But the time for feeling embarassed about such silly little things has surely passed me by now that I'm well into 33, so I'm trying to take more photos in 2011.

Like this one, of hand knits. The irony. At least they're "hand knits in the wild"!

Have a good weekend all. I will try to be less quiet next week!

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