Feb 22, 2011

am a fan: pregnancy edition, part 1

Bump 12 weeks

Over the past couple of months I've come to relish in a few routines, rituals, and tried and true favorites. I've also been pleasantly surprised by some newfound loves. It's been super interesting to watch my tastes, loves, and stuff I loathe change during these first twelve weeks, for sure!

As I've enjoyed digging back through other mama blogger archives for their "can't do without" posts, I thought I'd share one now!

+ Cinnamon toast. I lived off this stuff those first ten weeks or so, when almost everything else made me want to hurl. Not the healthiest by far, but I convinced myself that my multi-grain bread was better than nothing!

+ Cardigan sweaters. I started out the winter with two - my tan one from Walmart and my grey one from Kohl's. I've since added to that list with one more I picked up with some Xmas gift cards, and am hoping to make one more with long sleeves before it gets too warm. They are the perfect additional layer for my new-found super fickle temperature gauge.

+ Nail clippers. Those prenatal vitamins have my fingernails growing at rapid-fire speed! As someone who likes her nails no longer than her fingertips, my nail clippers have become my new best friends!

+ Oranges. I can't seem to get enough of seedless oranges. I keep waiting for their acidity to give me heartburn, but thankfully I've been spared so far!

+ Strawberry flavored anything. From the actual things {not in season and so hard to find good ones right now} to shakes, popsicles and more, a friend pointed out I've been devouring anything strawberry by the bucket-ful!

+ Weekend crafting dates! My MIL has an almost weekly crafting Saturday at her house, and I've loved heading over there with my knitting bag to get some projects complete. Thanks to napping most of my weekday evenings away, this has been when I've gotten most of my crafting done, and it's been time I've cherished!

+ Dresses! Thanks to discovering a love of dresses during Project 333, I've been rocking my pre-pregnancy wardrobe almost daily still. Yes, I've still got a long way to go, but I'm super happy that the dresses in my closet should take me through almost my entire pregnancy!

+ Darker hair. A few weeks ago, I broke down and headed into my favorite salon to have my hair darkened. Now it's a yummy chocolate brown, and I'm in love! {And before you freak out, my doctor said it was fine to dye my hair while pregnant - her exact words were, "Well, I dyed my hair when I was pregnant, and my kid's not funny looking!"} I think I will keep it this way for quite some time!

Whenever I look down at my belly, it's hard to believe I'm only 12 weeks - somehow my little bump looks bigger to me. I imagine I will end up one of those gloriously large pregnant ladies, lumbering around at six months with people asking me how many days until I pop, and exclaiming in surprise when I tell them I've still got months to go!

But then I look at the photos above and just giggle away - that little monster is still so tiny, and my tummy is still so small! Ahead of the curve already in length, I can easily believe this still-super-small 2 inch wonder will one day fill up an entire universe for us - it already has!

I can't wait to see what I latch onto during the second trimester - hopefully I won't find I no longer love any of the stuff on this list, and will only add to it!

{idea stolen from marta over at Marta Writes ... although I don't think she'll mind!}

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