Feb 23, 2011

February Knit-Along: One Week Left!

I can't believe it's already almot the end of February! I've gotten so caught up with knitting projects, home projects, and even a few baby projects {though not for my little one, for a friend's little one!} that I looked up and expected it to still be February 16th! It seems I haven't whipped up as many hats as I'd thought I would so far this month, but with one week left to go, I'm hoping I can finish strong.

Above you can see the 13 hats I've made so far to drop off at the NICU - my new goal is to get that to 20 by February 28th. How have you all been doing on the February Knit-Along? I'd love to look through links to some of your finished projects this week! And don't forget to share your final totals on March 1st {with links to photos in Flickr, on your blog, etc} so I can pick the winner of the $25 Amazon gift card!

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