Feb 1, 2011

Made In: January 2011

Thanks to joining a Harry Potter-themed group on Ravelry, where-in I earn points for completing projects over the course of a month, I've seen a ton of items find their way both on and off the needles this month. Because I'll hopefully be keeping up this pace most of the year, I'm going to share a monthly "made in" feature .. and this is January's!

Made in january

This month I managed to finish 43 things! That's 32 hats for charity, seven squares, two gift hats, a pair of gloves for my husband, and one vest for charity.

Yes, only one vest for charity. I'm having some serious issues knocking out one a week - I've had the second one on the needles since the second week of January, without much getting accomplished. It's going so poorly that I may just end up changing my goal from vests to something else - mittens perhaps?

For now I'm going to keep plugging away at the vest on my needles, as well as whipping up as many hats as I can for the February-along charity hats project! Today is the first, so hopefully you've got some yarn and needles ready to go on some baby hats - I'll be sharing my finished items of the week on Friday!

What knitting and crochet projects did you finish this month? I'd love to see photo links in the comments!

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