Feb 10, 2011

Valentine's Day Quick Crafts

I love the idea of crafting up a special something or other {from your supply stash, of course!} for Valentine's Day this year. If you're stuck, below are links to some fun projects I've been noting on my Tumblr over the last week or two!


I had some bright red yarn on hand, and so whipped up a few of these knitted hearts {pictured above} to pepper around the house - I'm hoping to sneak one into the husband's lunch pail on Monday! {Ravelry link to free pattern}

This DIY Glitter heart banner uses glitter and spray glue, with a bit of bright red ribbon. Perfect for antsy kids in this snowy weather!

I'm in love with this giant heart stamp banner!

Go old school with some heart-shaped sugar cookies - even I can manage this one!

Add an adorable love-themed sticker to your honey's fruit for a lunch-time surprise! {via}

Whip through some of your red and pink paper stash by making this adorable paper heart garland!

Thinking of cooking a lovely meal on Monday? Do so while rocking this heart-themed apron!

These color-theory valentines are a great way to help even the youngest sweethearts send out the love.

Are you a super serious baker? Consider whipping up a heart-shaped surprise cake!

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