Mar 10, 2011

five hour baby sweater

Five hour sweater

Pattern: Five-Hour Baby Sweater, by Gail Bable

Yarn: I Love This Yarn! from Hobby Lobby, 1/2 skein

Needles: size 10 bamboo circular 16"

Simple skill sets required for this project include: casting on, knitting, purling, M1 {make one}, kfb {knit into the front and back}, slip stitch for crochet, binding off.

My second baby Devine knit flew off the needles just as quickly as the Kanoko Pants, and again was a pattern I've used over and again as gift knitting. It's fun to start using these patterns for my own little one, and remind myself how much I've loved knitting these items for others in the process.

This free sweater pattern is billed as a boy sweater pattern, as there is a lacier girl version, but I've always just used this one for boys or girls. For me, the neutral nature of this sweater is made girlie or more masculine based more on the yarn color used, and in this case was no exception.

Our little monster will be born just in time for the first Husker game of the season hopefully, and so he or she definitely needs some Husker gear to rock as the fall weather hits. Hence, this bright red sweater, the first baby Husker sweater to enter our home!

Sometimes when I make this sweater I work in a button band, but in this case I knit the sweater as-is, no buttons on either side. I know I'll knit this sweater again for our little monster in the coming months and will most likely add in a button band then, but for this sweater I followed the pattern exactly as written, and couldn't be happier!

Time and again I say this is a perfect "first sweater" for new knitters - very little shaping, no using DPNs for the sleeves, and because it's so small you don't have time to get super frustrated with it! The instructions are clear as can be, and once you get the hang of it, you truly can knit it in five hours or less!

for a few more details, check out my Ravelry project page, and check out my Flickr set for a few more photos}

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