Mar 9, 2011

Knitting For Baby: The Pattern List Part Two

Wool box

Whew! Now that I've shared the patterns I already knew I wanted to knit, based on previous baby knitting experience, I knew I wanted to add a few new patterns to the mix as well. As our little monster will be born in September, there will be many months of cold weather during his or her first year, leaving plenty of chances to dress the babe in hand-knits!

Thanks to Ravelry, I was able to start queueing up quite a few adorable and functional patterns that should be finished in no time at all! Here's the list of patterns I've never used, but am excited to give a whirl:

Baby Yoda Sweater {Ravelry link}. I've seen several moms wrap their babes in sweaters of this variety, and this free pattern seems like the way to go!

Yellow Wiggles. There will be tons of cold weather days, and so sweaters seem like a great idea to knit. This raglan sweater has super simple directions, making it a good winter knit!

Knitted Yarn Ball. Every babe needs a few handmade toys, and these knitted balls seem ideal! I can use up remnants of my yarn stash and whip up some toxin-free, plastic-free toys in a jiff!

Baby Leg Warmers, pattern one. So many of the leg warmer patterns out there are knit on size 3 needles - far too small for my liking! This pattern uses worsted weight yarn and size 8 needles, which is just about perfect for me!

Baby Leg Warmers, pattern two. These use sport-weight yarn, but still knit up on size 5 needles, which measn they'll work wonderfully during the first few months!

Not queued up yet - baby booties. I'm unsure of these. While I know I'll probably love them com winter-time, I think I'll wait and see how big these baby feet get before I start making them. For the first few months I'd like to let him/her rock the bare feet as much as possible.

I know I'm missing tons of great free/for sale downloadable patterns - while I'm trying to steer clear of buying knitting books, I'm all about knowing what other pattern suggestions you may have!

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