Mar 22, 2011

Patterns To Knit On Two Needles

While I love my circular needles with a passion bordering on obsession, I’ve received a few questions about patterns suitable for straight needles. To me, I think straight needles and immediately presume scarves, but a quick Ravelry search brought about a few gems – sweaters, mittens and even socks that can be knit up on two straight needles!

Plain Vest, from Pickles. (pictured above) Because there are no sleeves to knit up, and the vest is open in front, this kid’s item can be knit up on straight needles without much of a problem. In my list of things to knit in the next year or so, I’m thinking of trying it on straight needles … just to see.

Diagonal Lace Scarf, from Midnight Purls. This gorgeous scarf is completely reversible, and a perfect charity
Two Needle Mittens, from Knitting On The Net. Knit on straight needles and then sewn up the side? Perfect for someone new to knitting who wants to make some mittens as presents! I’ve never even thought to knit mittens this way – definitely a pattern I’d like to try!

Two Needle Eyelet Hat, from Knitting On The Net. Here’s a little secret – you can knit just about any hat on two straight needles! You simply need to reverse half the rows so you’re still knitting the hat according to the pattern! However, if you don’t want to go through all that trouble, this Eyelet hat is a great way to knit up some baby hats without having to dig out your DPNs.

Two Needle Slippers, from The Irish Ewe. Slippers that take less than an hour per foot, and use up less than a skein of yarn? These are my kind of slippers!

Fingerless Mitts, from Leftsox’s Designs. Worsted weight yarn, straight needles, and only moss and ribbed stitch? These mitts look like a great charity donation find! {free Ravelry download only}

Baby Sweater On Two Needles, from Elizabeth Zimmerman. While many people choose to knit up the sleeves with DPNs nowadays, this pattern was written for straight needles. And best of all, you use whatever needles work with the yarn you love – babies come in different sizes, and so does this sweater! {published in Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac} Network Cowl, by Tanis Gray. While you have to know how to do a provisional cast-on for this cowl to be worked on two needles without a large seam, it’s worth picking up the skill – this gorgeous cowl is the picture of effortless simplicity! {Ravelry download only.}

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  1. i can't find an easy 2 needle sock pattern. Do you know of any?