Mar 14, 2011

Simple Knits: Project Linus Blanket

Project linus

Currently on my third installment of the Project Linus Baby Blanket {listed here as the All Purpose Knitted Afghan}, this blanket is one of my favorite things to knit. Three rows, repeated over and over to give the double-sided ripple, make this pattern an easy one to memorize, and with only knits, purls, yarn overs, and knit two togethers forming the bulk of this blanket, it's perfect for even a beginner knitter!

As I've given these blankets away, the response again and again is how much babes love to run their fingers on and through the stitches. The texture is perfect for little ones growing and exploring their worlds, making this blanket an instant favorite with every new mom I've shared a Project Linus blanket with!

Over the next few years, I'm excited to make these in different yarns so I can donate these blankets to charity as well as gift them to friends with new babes - consider casting it on for your next big project for sure!

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