Mar 28, 2011

things to do this spring

Spring game 2010  
In no particular order ...
1. get a porch swing and use it as often as possible
2. flowers in pots
3. downtown Omaha photo walk
4. nature-based photo walk
5. drink so much rootbeer i float away
6. head to the farmer's market
7. break out the "big" camera as often as possible
8. wear my red and white ... {done}
9. ... and pick up something for babe while in Lincoln
10. start decorating the baby's room
11. knit up a few sleep sacks
12. finish a book
13. solidify the summer knitting plan {done}
14. start thinking about small projects for fall, when babe will be in-hand
15. a brother graduation to attend!
16. bake some bread
17. pack up the tights for the season!
18. knit one of these for charity. {ravelry link}

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