Mar 4, 2011

Weekly Wind-Up: Inspiration, Simplifying E-mail, and Adorable Nurseries

What a busy week! So many fun things happening around the internet, several great knitting projects shared, and now I'm off on a fun ladies-only retreat for the weekend while the husband clocks some home improvement time like a champ!

While you settle into your weekend, here's some links that have made me smile this week:

 {image from my smiling heart}

* God Of Love won an Oscar, and it was one of the sweet moments of the night. Check out a trailer thanks to Cup Of Jo.

* Over the weekend, Megan of Princess Lasertron shared her thoughts on taking inspiration from others without copying their work. Great thoughts!

* According to Shim, everything looks better when it's been re-packaged. I tend to agree with her after checking out the swap package she sent!

* Liz shares how she simplified her e-mail, thanks to folders, permission to press delete, and scheduled check-in times. Good stuff!

* Glorious guest post at Superhero Journal, reminding us that there is beauty and wonder in every little thing.

* Maggie Mason is going through some serious life upheavel right now, but in the midst of it all, she's sharing how she's finding her center again, and giving herself permission to find joy in her days. Perfection.

* I love James' post detailing her littlest babe's nursery, even if it is a few months old. Gemma's room is around the same size as our little monster's future room, and her photos and thoughts have given me TONS of inspiration!

* I'm loving the different foyer designs featured on sfgirlbybay. We've got a gorgeous foyer in our 100-year-old house, complete with a built-in bench, and once all our renovations are done I'll get to trick it out with pillows, a pretty mirror, and no saw dust!

* My husband LOVES chocolate peanut butter cups. So much so I'm thinking of trying this recipe out - I think even I can manage it!

* Scoutie Girl interviewed a couple of super-creative mamas - loving what they have to say about being creative while also being a full-time at home mama.

* Gorgeous {and simple!} sewn quilt from ISLY, perfect for a teeny little boy!

* The ladies of Red Velvet made Fight Club chocolate bars!

“People first. Dogs second. Things last.” ~ Nate Berkus

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