Mar 8, 2011

while on retreat ...

Over the weekend I spent time with nine other lovely ladies (many of whom are family) in a glorious cabin just down the way from where most of us live. A retreat set up for quilters, we used it for the weekend for scrapbooking, card-making, knitting, crochet, and so much more!




I didn't take enough photos of the cabin itself, but did snap a few shots of some of my favorite bits - the super long table that sat the 10 of us with plenty of room to spare, the gorgeous bowl full of apples, and this adorable tray I wanted to take for our little one's room {I can picture it on the dresser holding diapers, wipes, and so much more}!

Friday knitting

Fourteen weeks

I got tons of knitting done - three finished projects, and one about 2/3 done in just 48 hours - and can't wait to share photos throughout this week and next!

I also managed to snap a shot of my 14-week belly, which has decided to make its presence known. When Megan showed up, whom I saw just two weeks ago, she exclaimed "Robyn, look at how pregnant you are now!" How fun!

We're hoping to do this on a quarterly basis, retreat to the cabin to craft and spend time with one another. If you have the chance to do something similar, I highly recommend it!

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