Apr 20, 2011

Easter ideas, via Pinterest

Easter is on Sunday, and while we won't be doing much decorating around our house - thanks to some major painting happening Friday and Saturday - I've spent some time over at Pinterest pinning some of my favorite ideas.

I keep telling myself next year I'll do as many of them as possible!

DIY peanut butter and chocolate eggs, via Tip Junkie

Some Bunny crochet hat pattern, via Emie Grace Creations. This hat WILL grace our little mister's head!

Peep wreath
How To Make A Peep Wreath, via Tip Junkie. By next fall, I plan to have wreaths hanging on our door daily, and this is too cute not to make!

Egg shells
Hollowed out egg shells as planters, via Fun Tea Party Ideas. Perfect for all the hard-boiled eggs I eat this time of year!

Carrot tutorial 009
Fabric carrots, via Clare's Craft Room.


Easter Bunny carrots made from crackers, via No Fuss Fabulous. Great for the little mister, and would also be awesome with orange jelly beans hidden inside!

Picnic silverware, from Family Fun.

As most of these ideas only take an afternoon or less to make, I'm sure I'll get my act in gear sooner next year and have many of these knocked off the list!

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