Apr 20, 2011

foliage hat

pattern: Foliage, by Emilee Mooney {free Knitty pattern!}
yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Nutmeg {1/3 of the skein used, or around 100 yards}
needles: sizes US 6 / 4.0mm and US 8 / 5.0mm 16" circulars and size US 8 / 5.0mm DPNs

This is not the first time I've knit up this hat pattern - I'd previously worked it up in wool for the One Hundred Hats project back in January 2010. That time I used a lovely Tri'Coterie wool, which had been gifted to me for the project, and loved every second of knitting the hat.

This time around, due to yarn constraints {i.e. - using the yarn I had on-hand, and knitting the hat up as a holiday gift for a lady who's not a huge fan of wool} I chose to knit the hat up with acrylic yarn. Mistake.

The yarn {Caron's Simply Soft} is a wonderful yarn, one I've used plenty in the past and one I'll use time and again in the future - it wasn't the yarn.

The pattern itself is a dream to knit up. I love how the leaves in the pattern show up as if by magic as you knit the hat from the top towards the brim - I'm easy like that! I love that each time I've knit this hat I've thought "I can't knit it from the top down; I'm bound to screw it up somehow!" and yet both times now I've loved the construction technique.

Here's what went wrong ... This hat is meant to be blocked. Plain and simple. The leaves explode as you open the hat up with blocking, and acrylic yarn does not block well, unfortunately. This hat, bottom line, is meant to be knit with woolen yarn. Noted, Foliage - next time {and there will MOST DEFINITELY be a next time} I will stick with wool and love you even more!

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