Apr 15, 2011

getting started on the yard

One of the big issues we've consistently had with the house, even as the husband works room by room to renovate just about everything, has been the yard. The grass hardly grows {because we haven't really taken care of it}, we have killed SEVERAL bushes we've attempted to put in, and i've let more than one pot of flowers die on our front porch.

All that is changing this year, because I have decided, at five months pregnant, that I am going to tackle the outside.


{husband made fun of the boots. I don't think he's aware just how often he's going to be seeing them this season!}

Yes, I am taking lots of breaks, and no I am not doing anything that feels like it is "too much". But I am taking this yard, and I am making it my bitch. Over the weekend I tackled the back yard, which is generally seen as a pile of half-dead grass you have to walk through to get to the awesome fire pit the husband built last summer.

Before 1

Before 2

Before 3

You can't see the piles of sticks and dead leaves all over the yard, but trust me when I say they are there. Before we can mow, re-seed, or water, hope and pray, I had to get out there with a rake and a bucket, and get that business handled!

Between 10am and 3pm, I alternated between raking my little heart out and taking water breaks in the shade of the gorgeous 75 degree weather. And by the time the afternoon breezes began to blow through the yard, I had managed to fill two garbage cans and two yard waste bags full of twigs, branches, dead leaves and even some dead grass!

After 1

After 2

Because the back of our house faces north, we have quite a bit of shade to contend with, including parts of the yard that rarely see sun. In the past, there have been bushes in these areas, but we tore those out several years ago to make room for the inevitable grass we knew we wanted to plant. And then never did.

After 3

Once I got all the twigs and leaves raked up, I took to this area. For whatever reason, we had a bag and a half of grass patch filler, which meant I was able to till up this little area {no more than 2 feet wide, and 15 feet long} and put some of it down {we still have half a bag left!} without spending a dime!

I'm hopeful that the thunderstorms we're meant to get tonight will help water this area nicely, as we discovered the knob we have to turn on inside that makes the water come out of the outside spigot has broken, and can't be replaced until tomorrow. Argh!

While it's far from finished, the yard already looks a thousand times better than it did a week ago, and I've already got tons of huge plans for the weeks ahead ... there will be seeding, watering, some mulch laid down, and if I can find some manual labor that concrete will get busted up and filled in with that huge dirt pile! And that's just the back yard ...

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