Apr 11, 2011

made this weekend

Green squares
Over the weekend I dug into my acrylic stash and whipped up some more squares to send to Knit-A-Square. I've got a box about half full, and want to pile in as many squares as I can before I send them off to South Africa.
Purple squares

pattern: Quad Color Square, from Dayna's Crochet

yarn: Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn!

hook: size H (8)


I'm using up leftover bits of yarn for these squares. The green yarn was left over from crocheting a pod for a friend's sister, to be used during infant photography sessions {notes on this to come soon}, and the purple is from a hat for my husband's cousin {notes on this to come soon, as well}.

I love the simplicity of this crochet square, and would work these up on repeat for the rest of my life without much complaint to be sent off to KAS, with one issue. Postage to South Africa is a bear.

Instead of dedicating my life to square-making, I've decided to simply make up squares with the leftover bits of yarn from whatever other acrylic project I've been working on ... so far it's meant I've made almost 100 squares this year alone, and I'm slowly filling up a box to be sent over to South Africa to help keep some kids super warm!

Win-win in my book!

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