Apr 19, 2011

Minimalist Knitting In Three Steps

Over the course of the last year, I’ve shared quite a lot about being a minimalist knitter. I’ve written dozens of articles, focused on the minutia of knitting more with less, and even published an e-book to that fact, chronicling the steps I took to pare down my knitting stash and life. About a month ago it hit me: minimalist knitting truly doesn’t require tons of articles, tons of thought. It requires three basic steps.  

1. Figure out what you love to knit. Hats for charity? Sweaters for family members? Baby blankets made out of acrylic? Wool socks? Write it down once you figure it out – pin it to the wall next to your yarn stash, along with wherever you knit.  

2. Get rid of any yarn in your stash that doesn’t fit with what you love to knit.  

3. Don’t buy anymore yarn that won’t be used for what you love to knit.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Minimalist knitting doesn’t involve special tips, tricks, or tools. In fact, it eschews almost all of these things. Minimalist knitting, at its most basic, is owning up to what you love to knit, and knitting it with wild abandon.

I love to knit hats. Small hats, large hats, hats for charity and hats for loved ones. Hats made from wool, hats made from acrylic, hats that can be worn by almost anyone, and hats to be treasured and cherished.

While I’m enjoying knitting sweaters and pants and sleep sacks for my babe, and on occasion I’ll branch out to a few other things, what really turns my crank are hats. So that’s the yarn I keep around – hat yarn. Worsted weight for the most part, wool almost always, and soft enough that it won’t itch your forehead.

If I want to knit something else, I’ll buy the yarn for it and then knit it up right away. If I’m not going to knit it up within a week or two, I don’t buy the yarn, waiting for when I have the time to knit the item up.

Knit what I love, and only keep on-hand what I need to knit what I love at any given moment. Minimalist Knitting defined.

Are you looking to pare down your knitting life, find more enjoyment, and find it faster, from your knitting? Follow these simple steps, and then lather, rinse, repeat – figure out what you love to knit, get rid of what you own that doesn’t fit, and stop buying yarn that won’t work with what you love.

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